Infected With AIDS & Out To Kill

January 15, 2010One Comment

Never in a million years did I ever think this world would be such a cruel place.  It’s so much tragedy going on abroad but America has a big issue on their hand!

I was recently directed to a YouTube video of a young lady who is invected with A.I.D.S virus and has decided she will infect as many people as possible! According to her she has slept with 600 men already!! In case she didn’t know sweetheart this is premeditated Murder and I will by all means help the POLICE find your ass. Fellas please strap up when having sex! If you decide that you want to have unprotected sex, I would advise both parties to get tested together that way you both know what you are up against as a couple. You can get tested at your local clinics and the results doesn’t take long to get back. If you ever have unprotected sex I advise you to get tested and retested as it may have not shown in the first test. Here is the video of her below as you can see she has a website with her face shown what a freaking idiot but thanks asshole!!!

Ladies you are not off the hook!!! It has been brought to my attention that there is a guy who also infected and also plans on infecting women with the virus. Please just wrap it up!!! Here’s his nasty ass below:

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1 comment to “Infected With AIDS & Out To Kill”

  1. Renee | January 15, 2010 | Permalink

    Words can’t describe the Merciless inhuman acts of these two individuals or BEASTS!!!!!!YES!! the other parties involved are at fault for not using protection,cheating acting on lust BUT for them to maliciously attempt to destroy another person WTF!!!!!!!!!! GOD This EARTH YOU PLACED ME ON!!!!! *SAD* :*(

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