Cheaters T.V Show Exposed As Fake!

July 6, 2010No Comments

Inside Editions Matt Mahuer investigates, and questions the authenticity of cheaters, now on syndication. The television show cheaters Open’s with a written statement on the screen along  with an narrator reading.  “what  your about to view are  actually true stories filmed live”.

Suspecting couples in relationships seek out the shows detectives to collect evidence of cheating. Inside Edition spoke with people who’ve been on past episodes and say its fake. The show never fails to entertain. Cheaters always ends with host Jerry Greco, busting the cheating spouse along with significant other and a camera crew filming. The bust is pretty much always physical, drama filed, and sometimes violent. I didn’t find it far~ fetch when host Jerry Greco got stabbed, during a bust confrontation. I would watch the show and  say someone is gonna FuC him up one day!

I always felt the scenes where a little staged. The gathering of the evidence seemed to unfold perfectly into the lap of detectives . The bust scenes at times  where outlandish.

I’m shocked at the lengths cheaters went to for ratings . Filming  fake cheating scenarios, using the home of  a show producer for location. Paying people to act as if  their in fake relationships, having  fake affairs. Allegedly giving alcohol to minors, to losing them up for staged romantic scenes. Lying about recorded length of captured surveillance footage.  Jerry Greco faking getting stabbed in the  stomach by an upset man, gushing  fake blood, being carried away in rented  ambulance; by actors pretending to be paramedics. The man who did the stabbing was, put into a rented cop car by actors pretending to be cops.

Inside Edition interviewer Matt mahuer very firmly Ask producer Bobby Goldstein, weather or not  the  stabbing of host Jerry Greco was fake?Matt Mauher tells Goldstein, the police in Rowlet Texas says no arrest where made regarding this incident.  Goldstein says that’s a surprise to him. when ask if he visited the producer in the hospital he claims he  can’t recall what hospital. The producer of cheaters Matt Goldstein ended the Inside edition interview saying ” if it was POPY COCK IT was Good for ratings”   WATCH!  :D

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