Sheila Hershey

July 4, 2010One Comment

WTF!OMG! This is  Sheila Hershey she’s five three, Brazilian and have breast that look like two oversize cantaloupes gone wrong. In Sheila s quest for the largest breast in the world she went from a 34fff to a now 38kkk!

Shelia resides in Houston Texas. Houston Texas law limits the amount of silicone a person can put in there body before killing themselves.  Shelia  was determined, disregarding the fact that her crazy desires, could and can result to death.  Sheila flew to her native Brazil where health laws are lax if even existent.

In my opinion sheila hershey, and others that drastically alter their appearance  with plastic surgery have a deep rooted hate for them self. Outrageous is putting it mildly for the way Sheila Hershey has decided to alter her body. I can’t  fathom why a person would willingly and intentionally put them self at  moment to moment risk. With that much silicone in the body,One leak and lights out! They look like there gonna explode at any given moment, but to sheila hershey her breast are perfection.

What are you trying to gain quick 10min public notoriety when then next loony does something you’ll be forgotten and walking around looking like a friggin nut job. They Look So Painful! Sheila Hershey enjoy your torpedoes of death and 5min of fame.  :D

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